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Brian DeLaat


Brian has been serving people as an insurance agent since 2017. Before starting DeLaat Insurance Group, he worked as an agent for another independent agency.  That experience taught him the importance of being able to provide the very best in products and service to our clients.  He is always willing to offer his expertise in order to make sure you are receiving the best product, at the best price, for each person's unique insurance needs.

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The Family

Why We Exist

DeLaat Insurance Group was founded in order to help provide for my beautiful wife and kids as well as to provide the ability to be with them as often as possible.  This focus and emphasis on family carries over into our day to day business as I hope to be able to help and serve your families as well.  That goes from providing you with peace of mind by knowing that if something happens, you won't be put in a position of financial hardship all the way to saving you money on your insurance premiums so that you have that extra money for your family instead.  I know how important my family is to me and so I know how important yours is to you, and that is all the motivation we need to serve you well.

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